Maya Kotelnitskaya– a jeweller, an artist, Lviv national Academy of Arts graduate, participant of international youth art festivals. Determination to work with sophisticted ideas, emphasis on how jewelry works on body, an attempt to catch and accentuate the motion of body line – the features that are traced in the designer’s projects. Maya investigates authentic jewelry traditions of different nations, as well as the most sophisticated and outstanding period in jewelry art – art nouveau, experiments with gems and metals, actively involves non-typical materials – wood, glass, porcelain, fragments of antiquarian things. 


1999-2004 studied in Lviv state college decorative arts the name of I.Trush(interior design)
2004-2010 studied in Lviv national academy of arts(jewellery)
2006-group exibition,"Om"gallery, Lviv
2008-art festival "Be2gether" Vilnius,Lithuania.Creating and exposition of sculpture objects.
2011-"LvivArt"gallery,Lviv,personal exibition "Silver lace"
2012- Vilnius amber museum,solo exhibition "Borrowed memories",Vilnius, Lithuania